Celebrating 2019

Celebrating 2019

Well, that’s another year completed with a huge amount of new works to show for it. Awards won, personal goals accomplished, a record number of sales, new connections within the community-made and many more new opportunities for you as artists. 

ArtGusto has been in operation now for 4 ½ years and we keep having successes – that’s every time someone completes a new work or has a win, gains in confidence, makes a new friend, realizes their potential. These are our measures. 

You all continue to make me proud. I know how hard you work and the challenges you have in your lives. I know sometimes you are scared to push through and try something new – but you, do and it pays off. One day we will look back and know we were there at the beginning shaping best practice for artists with disabilities – all of us have a part to play in that. They talk about Entrepreneurship and how that is the future well that’s what you are all doing. We are creating something that will benefit artists in years to come. We don’t always get it right, we are creating something new, but with each other’s support and encouragement, we learn along the way and will achieve something truly extraordinary. 

Thank you to Marion, Ceila and Stephen for everything you do please know you are appreciated for your talent, humor and generosity and for looking after me when needed. Thanks to the Friends for your continued support and encouragement I value all that you do. 

Thank you to the artists for putting up with me and for all of your incredible work and enthusiasm! 

Merry Christmas all and Enjoy your holiday 

Sharon xxx 

Download the full Artgusto 2019 Newsletter Below:

Artgusto 2019 Newsletter Part 1 – Click here to download

Artgusto 2019 Newsletter Part 2 – Click here to download

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