Artist Excursion

ArtGusto is a place to come together. A place to create, enjoy cultural experiences and socialise with other artists.

Our Support Model


01. Studio

Our studio is based in McLarty Place in Geelong CBD and offers the opportunity for artists to practice their art in a group setting. Artists can access qualified and experienced artworkers for one to one support throughout their creative journey.

02. Community

ArtGusto provides artists with multiple opportunities to collaborate with the wider arts community, including workshops, access to artists in residence, community art projects and volunteering.

03. Opportunity

The ArtGusto team mentor artists by developing their artistic profile, advertising their work online and offering sales support.

The Results

Participants learn new skills, try new ways of working and develop a wider understanding of compromise. The day to day running of the studio builds confidence, encourages responsibility and ownership.

Day trips to galleries and studios encourage participants to embrace new experiences and develop an appreciation for a variety of art forms.

Artists build a social network of contacts and like-minded people who share time together being creative.

PleaseĀ contact us for more information and how to participate in this program.