Meet the Team

Parents Group

Founders ArtGusto

The artists and their families had a clear idea of the support required for participants to achieve their artistic goals. The group pioneered the components required to running a successful studio; ongoing community and family support, collaborative and innovative thinking are why ArtGusto’s program is so successful.

Sharon Bromley

Founder & Head of ArtGusto

Sharon studied at Ballarat University Graduating with a Bachelor of Art, majoring in Fine Art and a Graduate Diploma in Ceramics. She is a highly qualified and experienced Art Practitioner who leads the ArtGusto studio, vision and art team.

Before ArtGusto Sharon spent time working in retail, print and advertising roles, provided Secondary School Vocational Coordination and most recently 4 years managing an Australian Disability Enterprise.

Sharon is passionate about providing a studio model that is innovative and provides artists with great prospects for future development.

Celia Adams

Artworker supporting the studio since 2018

Celia is a highly experienced Art Therapist and Art Instructor with over 8 years experience. Celia has in-depth knowledge on how to support individuals to pursue their unique creative arts practice. This understanding has led artists to achieve their goals, art awards, grants and success at exhibiting their work.

Marion East

Artworker supporting the studio since 2016

Marion studied at the Canberra School of Art, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Visual, majoring in printmaking. Marion is a practicing artist working in painting, drawing and print making. Marion has many years of experience working with artists with disabilities.

Stephen Oakes

Artworker supporting the studio since 2015

Stephen has been a lead advocate and part of ArtGusto’s journey since the beginning. Stephen is an exceptional film maker who specialises in Social Documentary.

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